Dada Pure Care

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The new Dada Pure Care diapers were created out of concern for the safety of your little one and the environment in which he will grow up.
Combining materials of natural origin, including organic cotton and chlorine-free bleached cellulose, with state-of-the-art technology, our diapers provide reliable protection and are ideal for your baby’s delicate skin from the first days of life.

The inner shell of the diaper is created from 100% plant-based materials and is soft, breathable and gentle on the baby’s skin. The use of instant and even moisture absorption technology and long-lasting absorbency helps keep baby’s skin dry and protect it from irritation.

Quality, safety and environmental care for Dada Pure Care have been confirmed by numerous certifications, including Dermatest, Allergy Certified, EU Ecolabel. Dada Pure Care diapers were manufactured in factories using renewable electricity. The diaper packaging is made from 51% recycled materials to reduce the amount of plastic in the environment.


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